Kashmir Day

Kashmir  Day (Urdu: یوم یکجہتی کشمیر‬‎) or Kashmir Day, is a national holiday in Pakistan and also observed by Kashmiri nationalists on 5 February each year. It is in observance of Pakistan’s support of and unity with the people of Indian-administered Kashmir, the nationalists’ efforts to separate from India, and to pay homage to Kashmiris who have died in the conflict.[1][2] Solidarity rallies are held in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and by Mirpuri Kashmiris in the United Kingdom. The day often marks unrest in Indian-administered Kashmir.[3]

Kashmir Day was first proposed by the Jamaat-e-Islami party in Pakistan in 1990.[4][5] In 1991, the then-Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif called for a “Kashmir Solidarity Day Strike”.[6]

Kashmir Day
                                                     Kashmir Day

When is Kashmir Day?

This Pakistani public holiday is celebrated annually on 5 February.

Kashmir Day, also known as ‘Youm-e-Yakhjehti-e-Kashmir’ has been observed as a national holiday in Pakistan since 1990 as a day of protest against Indian control of part of Kashmir.

History of Kashmir Day

A non working day to highlight the issue of Kashmir was first suggested by Qazi Hussain Ahmad of the Jamaat-e-Islami party in 1990. The idea was supported by Nawaz Sharif, Punjab Chief Minister at the time, and the Prime Minister at the time, Benazir Bhutto. The Pakistan People’s Party then declared February 5 as a public holiday.

Pakistan considers the issue of control of Kashmir as the core issue between India and Pakistan, which has led to three wars and means that Pakistan feel they need to devote a significant portion of their national income to military budgets.

On Kashmir Day, all government, semi-government and private offices across Pakistan will remain closed.

The day is marked by political rallies, marches and speeches about Kashmir. A human chain is formed on the major route from

 How long until Kashmir Day?
This holiday next takes place in 15 Days.
 Dates of Kashmir Day
1 Day
Observed since 1990 as a day of protest against Indian control of part of Kashmir


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