Army Medical College Admission 2024-25 [AMC Rawalpindi]

Get admission in Army Medical College Admission to grow in potential field and serve the nation with heart and soul. Army Medical College is one of the best medical institutions in Pakistan. Every year thousands of students successfully complete their MBBS and BDS degree through AMC. The Army Medical College is affiliated to the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS).


Separate tests are conducted every year for admission to Army Medical College. There is some confusion and rumors that revolve around AMC’s entry. Some students and people believe that they cannot get admission in AMC due to the following reasons.

  • Girls are only eligible through NUMS Entry Test 2024.
  • Students with armed forces background can apply for paid cadet course.
  • After graduation, you must serve at least 17 years in the military.

All these things are rumors and misunderstandings. In our guide, you will find answers to all these confusions. In this article, we will give you a complete guide on Army Medical College Entrance Test 2024. Take some time and read the article carefully to secure your seat in Army Medical College.

NUMS has issued an important notification on its website about the requirement of Entry Test for admission in NUMS Constituent, Affiliated Military Administered Medical & Dental Colleges. According to the notification, MDCAT is no more required for MBBS & BDS Admissions in Army Medical College (AMC) Rawalpindi and affiliated 12 private medical colleges and 5 dental colleges. Only NUMS Entry Test which has been retitled as “MDCAT for NUMS” is required for admission. NUMS Test is going to be conducted on 2nd October, 2024.

Army Medical College Admission 2024

Candidates can get admission in Army Medical College through one of the three modes:

  • Army Medical Cadets (Male)
  • NUMS Cadets (Male/Female)
  • Paying Cadets (Male/Female)


If you want to study in army medical college rawalpindi or other army related colleges then you have to give NUMS entrance test. This applies to everyone, including those who wish to become medical cadets, NUMS cadets, or paid cadets.

Army Medical Cadet Course (M Cadet)

To become a medical cadet as a male candidate, you have to attend the Army Medical Cadet Course and also excel in the NUMS MDCAT Entry Test. To achieve this, candidates must successfully complete the necessary steps for the Medical Cadet Test and also score well in the NUMS Entry Test.

If you want to study in Army Medical College Rawalpindi or similar Army affiliated colleges and become a medical cadet as a male student then you need to follow two important steps:

  • First, you have to register for Medical Cadet Course (AMC Test) Pass Army Preliminary Written Intelligence Test, Physical Test, Medical Test and Interview.
  • Second, you need to perform well in the NUMS MDCAT Entry Test.

Shortlisted candidates will call for admission as Medical Cadets. Pakistan Army will cover all your educational expenses. In addition, you will receive a monthly stipend of Rs 55,000 throughout your degree. After successfully completing your MBBS/BDS, you will not need to go through any additional selection process. Instead, you will directly join the Pakistan Army as a Captain Doctor.

These two steps must be completed to secure your entry.

Although the basic procedure is the same, the seat of paying cadets is reserved for Army Brits only. Civilians are not eligible for admission through paying cadet seats.

Courses offered by AMC

The Army Medical College offers the following programmes:

Undergraduate programs which are MBBS and BDS.
Postgraduate programs such as FCPS, MPhil, and Ph.D

Eligibility Criteria

Below are the eligibility criteria to get admission in AMC.

  • Eligibility: FSC (Pre-Medical) Matriculation from any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education and 60% aggregate marks in each in FSC is required. OR equivalent qualification Overseas High School Certificate/British General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level)/International Baccalaureate in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, as approved by PMC.

For “Medical Cadet Course”:

  • Age: (as on 31st 2024): 17 to 22 years
  • Minimum Height: 5′-4″ or (162.5 cm)
  • Weight: According to Body Mass Index (BMX).
  • Nationality: Citizen of Pakistan and domicile holders of Azad Kashmir/Gilgit-Baltistan. If a candidate holds dual citizenship and is selected for MBBS, he/she has to give up other nationalities other than Pakistani.

Army Medical College Rawalpindi Total Seats

There are a total of 258 seats:

  • MBBS: Total Seats 204
  • BDS: Total seats 54

Fee structure

  • Medical cadets free
  • NUMS or Cadets paying PKR 220,000 per annum
  • Foreign cadets $12,000 per annum

1. Admission through Medical Cadet Course


In the selection procedure for admission to Army Medical College through Medical Cadet Course, there are different levels. Candidates have to go for the final selection and complete all the levels.

Some of the levels of AMC tests are mentioned below.

  • Elementary Intelligence Test: This test is divided into 2 parts (verbal and non-verbal test). Candidate has to clear this test for further process. But first, you have to clear the verbal test and then proceed for the non-verbal test.
  • Academic Test: This test is basically an Army Medical College entrance test and consists of MCQs from the FSc syllabus and is divided into 4 sections (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English).
  • Physical Test: Admission to Army Medical College is a condition of passing physical test like Army Cadets.
    Medical Test: This test is conducted at Army Selection and Recruitment Centers (ASRC) under the supervision of an Army Doctor in various cities like Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Multan. This test includes weight, height, and eyesight tests.
  • Personality Test: This test is very important as during this test the personality and thinking style is evaluated by a panel of experts. This test is conducted only in GHQ Rawalpindi. A candidate who has cleared the previous stages is called GHQ for 2 days in September or October.
  • Final Selection: Final selection will be made by the Medical Directors at GHQ considering the overall performance of the candidate.
  • Bond: Finally selected candidates will have to sign a bond to serve at least 13 years in Pakistan Army after graduation from Army Medical College Rawalpindi.
  • Military Training: After completing medical education (MBBS/BDS), every graduate of the Army Medical College undergoes 22 weeks of basic military training offered by the GHQ PA Directorate at the Army Medical Corps School and Center Abbottabad.

2. Admission by NUMS Cadets


NUMS conducts entry test in all major cities of Pakistan. The test is conducted twice a year by the National Testing Service (NTS). The first examination is conducted in August based on the candidate’s first year results.

The second test is held in September based on the results of the second year. Further, a candidate can appear for both the tests. Also, they can choose the result with the best score from the tests to apply.
Whether the candidate is male or female, they can apply through NUMS. These tests do not include an intelligence test. They don’t even have to take any more army tests.

Moreover, NUMS cadets are free to practice after MBBS. However, if they want to serve as a Captain Doctor in the Army, they have to apply for the Army separately after completing MBBD or BDS.

Register for No. Entry Test.

After evaluating himself against the eligibility criteria, the applicant should follow the following steps.

  1. Visit the National Testing Service website.
  2. Click on “Registration” for NUMS Entry Test.
  3. Fill the NUMS form carefully and select an exam center from the following options: Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Quetta, Multan, Peshawar, Bahawalpur, Karachi, Dera Ismail Khan, and Gwadar.
  4. A challan of PKR 3,000 will be generated in your name, download and print it along with your application form.
  5. Pay the challan at the nearest HBL Bank. Get original challan for yourself and stamp NUMS.
  6. Post the printed application form and original paid challan form (NUMS copy) to “National Testing Service (NUMS Project) Plot 96, Street No. 4, Sector H-8/1, Islamabad”.

Take the test.

On the day of the examination, the candidate should reach the examination venue one hour before the commencement of the test to avoid any possibility of delay.

Candidate must bring the following items on the day of examination.

  1. Original Identity Card or National Identity Smart Card or Official NADRA Token Slip or NADRA and Govt stamped “B” form with photograph of the candidate.
  2. Printed copy of admit card or roll number slip.
  3. Clear the clipboard.
  4. Two ballpoint pens. Markers, pencils and pointers are not allowed.


On the next working day, NUMS uploads the test answers on its website ( for self-evaluation.

The test result will be displayed on their website or via email within a week. Keep in mind that the weightage formula for admission is 50% of F. Sc. and 50% of the NUMS test. A candidate with 70% marks in NUMS entry test is eligible to apply for admission.

Admission Form

Candidate has to purchase their prospectus and obtain admission form from Army Medical College, Rawalpindi (Fee: Rs.3000/-). Fill the form carefully. Attach the attested copies of the following documents.

  1. Two pictures.
  2. Copy of matriculation results
  3. Copy of FSC or HSSC or A level result
  4. Copy of CNIC or “B” form
  5. Submit the compiled documents to the assigned admissions office of the college.

3. Admission through paid cadet

The admission process for paying cadets is slightly different. After checking your eligibility conditions, you can apply for AMC test by following the test given below.

After checking himself against the eligibility criteria, the applicant should follow the following steps:

Get the paying cadet form.

Before NUMS test, you have to apply for PC seat in advance. According to the Army Division, PC forms are available at the headquarters given below.

  • Those serving in the army have to submit the form from GHQ.
  • Air Force cadets collect form from AHQ.
  • Candidates with parents serving in the Navy can submit the form from NHQ.

After getting the form, fill it with all correct information. Following are the attested copies of your documents.

  • Original Identity Card or National Identity Smart Card or Official NADRA Token Slip or NADRA and Govt stamped “B” form with photograph of the candidate.
  • Copy metric and FSC. or HSSC result
  • Issue certification of parents serving in Army/Navy/Air Force. (if retired)

Submit the PC form.

After completing all the requirements of PC form, you can submit them to GHQ/AHQ/NHQ. Alternatively, your parents can also ask the office clerk about their OAS unit’s system for submitting the form.

Register for the NUMS test.

After that, you have to go to the original website of NTS (National Testing Service) and follow all the information of NUMS candidates.

Take the test.

On the day of the examination, the candidate must reach the examination hall one hour before the examination time. It is better to reach the exam hall early. Candidates must bring the following documents on the day of examination.

  • Original Identity Card or National Identity Smart Card or Official NADRA Token Slip or NADRA and Govt Stamped “B” Form with photograph of the candidate.
  • Printed copy of admit card or roll number slip.
  • Clear the clipboard.
  • Two ballpoint pens. Markers, pencils and pointers are not allowed.


For self evaluation, NUMS displays the test answer on its original website after few days of the test. The final result will be posted on their website within a few days or emailed to each cadet.

Note, the importance here is that 50% marks of FSc and 50% marks of NUMS test are included in the weightage formula. Also, a candidate with 70% marks and above in NUMS Entry Test is also eligible for admission.

Admission Form

For admission, you need to purchase prospectus from the college. The cost of the prospectus is Rs.3000.

Separate the admission form from the prospectus and fill it carefully. After filling the form attach the attested copies of the following documents.

  1. Two pictures.
  2. Matriculation and FSC. or HSSC result
  3. CNIC or “B” form
  4. Now, submit the documents along with the admission form to the assigned admission office of the college.

4. Admission for Foreign Applicants


Foreign students with dual citizenship can also apply for admission to AMC. Their eligibility criteria

  1. British Council or British General Certification of Education (A Levels)
  2. Cambridge Higher School Certification (Overseas)
  3. Foreign National High School.
  4. Candidate should qualify with 60%, minimum, or equivalent marks in Biology, Chemistry and Physics subjects.
  5. They can also apply for NUMS entry test.
  6. Candidates can apply on the basis of SAT-II if NUMS test is not possible. But in SAT-ll their subjects should be Biology, Chemistry and Physics with a minimum score of 550 each.
  7. For admission, they may also pass the foreign MCAT with a score of 500 out of 528 or higher.

Prospectus of AMC costs Rs 3000, and for admission form the candidate has to buy prospects. To secure your seat, you need to fill the form with correct information and attach the attested copies of the below documents.

  1. Two pictures.
  2. Matriculation and FSC. or HSSC result
  3. CNIC or “B” form

After completing the form and documents, submit them to the AMC admission office. Next, keep track of the merit list date. Check the merit list yourself carefully. If your name appears in merit, you will have to visit college admission office for further admission procedure.

An important thing to note here is that if a foreign candidate applies through NUMS, there is no need to sign a service bond with the army.

Note:- Very few students wait for the call, but most of the time they miss it. We suggest you check the merit list yourself. If a candidate’s name appears in the list, he/she should visit the college as soon as possible to proceed with the admission process. After that, the college will guide further procedures.

Departments of Army Medical College

Below are the departments of AMC.

  • Anatomy Department
  • Anesthesia Department
  • Biochemistry Department
  • Ent Department
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Dental Materials
  • Dermatology Department
  • Forensic Medicine Department
  • Community & Preventive Dentistry
  • Oral Pathology
  • Periodontology
  • Prosthodontics
  • Medicine Department
  • Orthopaedics Department
  • Paediatrics Department
  • Pathology Department
  • Operative Dentistry
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Ophthalmology Department
  • Physiology Department
  • Pharmacology Department
  • Orthodontics Oral Medicine
  • Oral Biology & Tooth Morphology
  • Gynaecology/Obstetrics Department
  • Community Medicine Department
  • Psychiatry Department
  • Radiology (Afiri) Department
  • Surgery Department

Army Medical College Hostel

AMC provides separate hostel facilities for both boys and girls. The best thing about their hostel facility is that it is located within their main campus.

Both hostels have strict rules. Apart from this, these hostels are called seven cadet companies. The warden always checks all the pupils in the hostel to maintain the safety and security of all the students. Below are the facilities that AMC provides.

  • Residential facilities
  • Indoor and outdoor sports rooms
  • Hostel Transportation (for different campuses)
  • Medical facilities
  • Pick and drop delivery on weekends
  • TV lounge
  • Internet
  • A trip to the weekly market to meet the needs of the student
  • Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Procedure for admission to hostels

For hostel facility, students should follow the procedure given below.

  • First, students should request availability of beds and fees at the admissions office or the student section.
  • If a bed is available, students must obtain permission from the Admissions Office.
  • After getting hostel permission, students have to pay all hostel dues and fees.
  • To get a hostel seat, the student has to submit the hostel admission form along with all necessary documents to the admission office.
  • After that, the admission office will send the students’ hostel admission documents to the hostel management.
  • After checking all the documents and face bills, the hostel office will assign a room to the student.

Clubs and Societies

AMC not only focuses on students’ studies but also on improving their skills. They form various societies and clubs. They also encourage their students to participate in these community activities to polish their debating skills, art skills and other skills.

Mentioned below are the societies and clubs on campus.

  • Debating and Literary Society
  • SURF Society
  • Arts and Graphics Society
  • Amcolian Music Society
  • Amcolian Blood Donors Society
  • Events and Dramatics Society
  • Community Service Society


To maintain the physical health of the student body, AMC organizes a variety of sports galas and recreational activities in the spring. These activities are actually a break for students to enjoy their life and refresh their minds.

AMC has a separate sports committee which conducts all sports related activities. The committee also organizes various competitions for students like swimming, table tennis, cricket, basketball, card games and squash.

These are all outdoor games. Apart from these sports, there are separate indoor games rooms for students to enjoy. Indoor games include ludo matches, card games and brain games. All students enjoy all these competitions.

AMC also has various indoor standard courts which make the games and competitions more interesting. The following courts are available in the campus.

  • An indoor badminton court
  • A hard court for tennis
  • A table-tennis court
  • A clay court

To encourage students’ physical fitness and body building, AMC has a gymnasium within the campus. Moreover, there are large playing fields within the campus for cricket and football.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about Army Medical College Admission with answers.

How can I get admission in Army Medical College?

Following are the 4 ways to get admission in Army Medical College:

  1. Medical Cadet Course (MC)
  2. NUMS Cadets (NC)
  3. Paying Cadets (PC)
  4. AFNS

How many marks are required for admission in Army Medical College?

Candidate should have FSc (Pre-Medical) or equivalent qualification in Chemistry, Physics and Biology with minimum 60% aggregate marks in FSc and Matriculation.

How can I get admission in NUMS?

NUMS Entrance Test is mandatory for admission in Army Medical College affiliated to National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS).

Which is the best army medical college in Pakistan?

Army Medical College Rawalpindi (AMC) is one of the best medical institutions in Pakistan.

We discuss all the necessary requirements and try our best to provide you complete information about the entrance test in our article on Army Medical College Entrance Test 2024. We hope you find our article useful and can secure your seat in AMC.

Still, if you face any difficulty regarding any exam, center, and admission questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section. Also you can contact us through our email. Give your valuable feedback in the comment section and share the article with your friends and family members.

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